Discover Italy

A holiday in Italy is made up of many holidays

The landscape is transformed within a few kilometers. There are snow-capped mountains, volcanoes and then the beaches, pristine bays. Find works of art from every century and the most appreciated in the world, modern facilities, the popular place to have fun until dawn and secluded restaurants to dine by candlelight.

You do not need the Instagram filters

The landscapes of Italy are able to move and to excite. You will dive into the sea of innumerable shades of blue and green that you have always seen in the pictures, you will see sunsets hundred colors ignite the sky, you will stop to observe the sun rising from the water and dives behind the hills. A holiday in Italy is a journey into a postcard.

Italy is a huge open-air museum

Under its skies is a very big percentage of the artistic and cultural heritage of the world.
Every city you will tell ancient stories, will attract you with works that will leave you breathless. A holiday in Italy is a journey through time.

A holiday in Italy is much more than a trip.

A holiday in Italy is to be open to an experience that will stimulate every sense, gasp or mouth full of delights. Crying with laughter and moved in front of a glimpse. A holiday in Italy you paste it on the soul forever.

It is exactly as you imagine

A holiday in Italy means never remain disappointed. Everything will turn out exactly as you always dreamed it, indeed, more. There are red and white checkered tablecloths for restaurants, walks on a Vespa between the campaigns, the fountains and the narrow streets that seem stolen from the movie. It’s all true!

It has the best food in the world

All over the world, you never will taste a pizza like the Italian one. You’ll discover what it really mean to eat a plate of spaghetti. But there is also the fish, desserts ancient pastry, ice cream, spices, fine wines. A pleasure continues. You will understand that eating is much more…

It is beautiful in all seasons

In summer it is beautiful, in winter is beautiful, autumn is wonderful and the enchanting winter. There is the best climate in the world. You can bring in your suitcase your bathing suit and skis!

It is the land of La Dolce Vita

There is not only history and culture. There is the most sought after nightlife in the world, the local must-see, the fun goes on all night without ever stopping!