Unexpected Bologna


Unexpected Bologna: this is the hidden side of the city, don’t visit it, live it. That’s what I find every time I go there, because I have a dear bolognese friend. Bologna is not only good food, porticis and university.

Bologna reveals its soul in the old taverns, but if you want a smile, you have to wait the second round of wine! Is the misterious city of underground canals, that you can barely see through the small window in via Piella.

Is the city of Villa Ghigi, the three hundred steps and a lot of other hidden places spread out around the hills surrounding Bologna. And what about the colourful portico of via Saragozza, that makes you feel like being in a brasilian barrio?

Is the carefree and wild world of the night, where you can meet young students coming from everywhere and famous celebs of the bolognese movida.

But is also the place of memory, where you can remember the great tragedies of the past that took place here, still without guilties, looking at the clock of the railroad station or visiting the Ustica memorial.

Bologna is all that things and much more! I would like to spend other words talking about it, but I prefer invite you to book now and enjoy this incredible city!


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